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Accessories from G-FITTINGS – small tools for all your projects

Accessories for furnishing systems, partition walls or profiles should be high-quality and durable for safe installation or mounting. Screws, inserts and other aids ensure a firm connection and create a beautiful visual. Depending on the material of your furniture or furnishing systems, different solutions are required, from wood screws to glass clamps to metal screws. G-FITTINGS has a wide range of accessories to match our product range which guarantees safe use of hanger bolts and locking pins with the associated tools.

Screws, pins and other indispensable accessories

Screws and accessories for glass clamps are among the most important items in this category for the safe installation of partitions, doors or sanitary facilities. Our range includes all common variants such as the cylinder head screw, the hexagon screw or the grub screw in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Screwed in with the appropriate tool from the G-FITTINGS range, a strong and high-quality connection is created. Unlike screws, glass clamps address the special character of the transparent and sensitive material.

Whether you need self-tapping screws, locking pins or other accessories for a secure connection and fastening, you can quickly select them from the respective articles within the G-FITTINGS range. We would also be happy to advise you personally which accessories in this category are suitable for the various articles in our large range of products. In addition to the functional character, an optical adjustment is readily possible, for example by using screws in metallic lustre or in black. With their manufacture in chrome, brass, stainless steel, etc., you also make up for the character of material of your selected facilities and systems with our accessories.

Tools and other aids with great effect

The right tool is indispensable for the safe and professional installation of screws and the like. Among our screwdrivers, pliers and other tools, you will find the ideal equipment to create strong connections between all common materials. Screw in every countersunk screw, hexagon screw or other connector precisely with the right tool, the selection of which we will be pleased to help you with personally. The loosening of connections or subsequent processing is also possible with high-quality tools.

Our range is rounded off by other accessories for all your work steps. For example, use our rubber inserts or glass plate supports to avoid scratches and other damage to sensitive materials. For individual screws, a rubber ring is the ideal supplement to prevent a cylinder head screw or hanger bolt from drilling into the material and leaving unwanted marks.

Order quality items from G-FITTINGS online at a reasonable price

Whether it concerns locking pins or self-tapping screws, cover caps or protective gloves, G-FITTINGS is familiar with all requirements in the processing and assembly of our articles. You will find the right equipment for every field of application, so that the installation and connection of work parts will be easy and enjoyable for many years to come. Designed for private and commercial use, our tools, screws and other accessories should not be missing in any equipment. Use the personal contact of G-FITTINGS to get the right equipment for your next projects and tasks. High quality is guaranteed, as for all the articles in our quality range.

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