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Door Handles: essential attention to detail

When it comes to furnishing bathrooms, shaping front doors or designing apartments, businesses or public facilities, the large elements are usually in focus of the viewer. However, it is often the small parts that ensure functionality and harmoniously round off a particular design. Door handles and door knobs for front doors or shower doors make a good example in this context. They are in daily use and must combine functionality, durability and design. In our range we offer you individual door handles and grips that meet all these requirements.

Focusing on material quality

Material choice is dear to our heart. It has a significant influence on both durability and appearance. Chrome, brass and stainless steel are the materials you will often find in hardware for glass doors, shower doors or front doors and with good reason. These materials impress through a bouquet of convincing attributes: On the one hand, they are stable, which is an indispensable feature for the intensive daily use of door handles, lever handles or push handles. On the other hand, they are rust-free making them advantageous for durability and appearance when used in damp rooms such as bathrooms, due to their corrosion resistance. Thirdly, the attractive aesthetics should be mentioned. It is particularly apparent with shimmering stainless steel and chrome. If you prefer noble black (anthracite), you will also find suitable solutions in our range.

Focus on form: discover personalised door handles

Form is also important when it comes to personalised door handles and grips, door knobs and push handles. Because what lies in your hand every day, should feel nice. Our door fittings made of brass, stainless steel and chrome are well thought-out to also offer you immediately noticeable comfort using the handle. The easy operation of the door handles, door knobs and handle shells is ensured and the whole is optimised with a harmonious design for the viewer. The ergonomics of the handle are ideally realised so that door handles, door knobs and push handles can also be easily operated by seniors and children. Function and form go hand in hand. This is just as important for front doors as it is for shower doors and glass doors, whereas the living and working comfort can be convincingly attained with door handles acting like a comparatively small element.

Modern bathroom and apartment design

Chrome and black (anthracite) are noble colour variants that are often used in modern furnishing systems. They are timeless and associate elegant charm with numerous combination possibilities. Personalised door handles and grips as well as push handles take up these design variants and ensure harmonious blending. Door knobs made of stainless steel or personalised door handles with chrome or brass applications for front doors provide an elegant eye-catcher when paying attention to detail.

Clear contours are popular thanks to their noble shape. This is why soft curves for door handles, handle shells or lever handles are particularly common in our range. Customised solutions for door fittings show that, in addition to quality and function, they also rely on the importance of design. We help you to combine these requirements into a whole. Call us if you would like to learn more about possibilities and ideas. We are here to help you!

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