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Doors & Door Fittings as Elements in Interior Design

Doors perform essential functions in a house, residence, office or in rooms used for commerce. They separate one room from the other, thus ensuring privacy. The ideal door should also provide sound insulation and allow for thermal storage. In addition to these practical benefits, the technology and design of the doors are also crucial in making you feel comfortable with your surroundings. The doors and door fittings should also match the furnishing style.

Overview of different door types

A basic distinction is made between hinged doors, swing doors and sliding doors. Hinged doors are always well suited in the case where the door should close firmly. Swing doors on the other hand sway and are the ideal solution if you want a separation without having to close the door by means of a handle. Sliding doors are a practical and attractive alternative. They do not take up any space when open – this can be very practical, especially in a smaller room.

While conventional doors are often made of wood, glass doors are a modern and visually elegant variant. Glass doors create a feeling of wide, open space. Special doors made for the shower complete the offer. Glass shower doors are available as sliding doors, swing doors and hinged doors.

We are specialised in the production of glass doors. In our assortment you will find glass doors for various furnishing purposes. Be it a single door or a complete solution, a positive effect is guaranteed with the products of G-FITTINGS. Glass doors give a transparent elegance greatly affecting the atmosphere of a room.

Glass doors of clear glass or satin glass

The choice is yours! Hinged doors, swing doors and sliding doors made of glass can either be completely transparent, made of satin glass or have a particular design. Attractive designs make the glass door an eye-catcher, while retaining the transparent effect.

In addition, we offer everything necessary for the installation and use of modern doors made of high-quality safety glass. The range includes glass door fittings, door hinges and lever handles for hinged doors and swing doors in numerous variants. The range also includes suitable carriages in various designs for sliding doors.

Glass door accessories

The right accessories make part of the harmonious overall impression and comfortable use of a glass door. We provide glass door fittings in various shapes and designs. For your new doors, we offer glass door fittings and door handles in brass, chrome and stainless steel design. Glass door fittings in black (anthracite) are also available for a particularly modern look of door hinges. Glass door fittings and lever handles are not only visually appealing but also provide a long service life.

Specialising in glass doors – focusing on quality

We know that doors characterise a room. But the importance of appearance and functionality goes hand in hand with excellent quality. Doors and door fittings must be reliable! The door must not jam or grind, door fittings, door hinges and door handles must also withstand high frequency of use. With high-quality glass doors and the matching fittings from our range, you may consider yourself on the safe side. Whether you furnish your home or your business with elegant glass doors, our products are a reliable choice with the best workmanship and long durability. Both our glass door fittings and other articles, such as carriages for our sliding doors or our shower doors, offer you consistent high quality.

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