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End caps

End caps – high-quality end caps for pipes and more

Pipes do not always leave an attractive impression in interior construction. Particularly for the end of the pipes, an aesthetic enhancement is desired in order to round off the open appearance in style. End caps in semi-circular, curved and similar formats make this finish attractive, according to your own wishes. The G-FITTINGS range includes a wide selection of end caps, cover lenses and other solutions that can be matched to fit various tubes, profiles and other items in our range.

Overview of applications of end caps and end bends

Flat, semi-circular or curved end caps are used everywhere in the living area where pipes are installed, making them clearly visible. A typical case is the installation of curtains, the open ends of which are not attractive to look at. End bends or end balls in similar design provide the appropriate rounding off. Round tube shape is not of absolute necessity; square end caps for a square-shaped tube and other special formats are also available in our product range of G-FITTINGS.

The appearance of the end caps, end balls, etc. can be selected depending on the area of application. For example, flat end caps provide a direct and straight-line closure that simply closes the open tube shape. With curved end caps or semi-circular end caps, rods and tubes are given additional aesthetics; the same is also possible for square-edged end caps. End balls and end bends further enhance this idea becoming a particularly aesthetic eye-catcher.

Additional accessories for end caps shaped as semi-circular, as a curve, etc.

If you are looking for stylish curved ends, end caps or cover lenses in square shape – we at G-FITTINGS offer you suitable caps at an affordable price. Take a look at individual items in this category to find out more about their dimensions and other special features. When purchasing tubes from us, make sure you choose the right formats and pick them up wisely. We would also be happy to advise you personally on how you can achieve sensible interior and exterior furnishings. Our friendly team will be happy to help you find the right quality articles and help you with ordering online!

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