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Glass and mirrors

Glass and mirrors – quality furnishing for all kinds of rooms

Mirrors and glass surfaces are an essential component in the interior design of private and commercial buildings. In addition to the glazing effect, greater emphasis is placed on quality and safety; toughened safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG) are good examples. Attractive designs are in the foreground for glass and mirrors in bathrooms, corridors and the like, for example a mirror can provide a noble effect with a silver look. In the G-FITTINGS range, you will find many aesthetic solutions online which you can order as mirrors or made-to-measure glass at low prices.

Using tailored high-quality glass for all purposes

Indoor and outdoor glass is requested in a wide variety of variants and designs. Toughened safety glass (ESG) ensures a high level of protection and effectively withstands physical impacts. The transparent appearance of toughened safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG) is affected by popular variants like float design or Mastercarré. This makes glass a sensible choice for bathrooms or conference rooms without having to forego the incidence of light through the glass pane.

While G-FITTINGS offers classic thicknesses like 6.0 or 10.0 mm for toughened safety glass, a thicker and more durable solution is also available with laminated safety glass (LSG). The multi-layer laminated safety glass (LSG) meets the highest demands in room glazing and offers an even higher breakage resistance. Colours such as bronze and grey as well as optical effects such as Satinato or Float enhance the attractive appearance and continue the noble effect of your mirrors in silver and the like. G-FITTINGS will be happy to advise you personally to design a harmonious layout for your glass surfaces in combination with mirrors.

Mirrors made to fit every area of the room

Bathroom mirrors or wall mirrors in corridors or hallways are an essential part of an attractively furnished living area. In addition to offering the convenience of looking at oneself in a hallway mirror or bathroom mirror, they also make a contribution to well-being. Cut to size, the mirror becomes an attractive decoration for any room wall. In addition, a corridor or bathroom mirror reflects the incident light and contributes to the additional illumination of the room.

Mirrors with silver-look make the mirror surface and frame look particularly elegant. Each mirror in silver-look brings an additional shine to your living area. You can also express the special value of your guests in hotels and restaurants. This is especially essential if you have the mirror cut to size, bringing it therefore to the wall as an eye-catcher. Let us advise you on how to implement beautiful accents in living or working rooms with several mirrors and bring additional light into your rooms.

Intelligent solutions for house construction and more

G-FITTINGS is your competent partner for glass, mirrors and the like. After personal contact, we will show you, for example, whether toughened safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG) is the right choice for your purposes. We would be happy to custom-make glass and mirrors suitable for you which can atmospherically meet your living preferences. See the articles in our online offer for more detailed information. Find out for yourself which mirrors and glass surfaces meet your requirements and discover the favourable price offers per square meter. The production of custom-made glass is naturally included in all standard formats of these materials.

Buy glass and mirrors online

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