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Interior systems

Interior systems – clever solutions for displays, barriers and the like

A well thought-out furnishing of residential or commercial properties does not only depend on adequate furnishing. Additional installations and high-quality accessories, from sneeze guards and barriers to glass plate supports, set the functional accents even further. In the G-FITTINGS range of products, you will find glass shelves and supports as well as tailored cloakrooms that set attractive accents from the interior design to the trade fair environment. The interplay of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass or chrome creates interior systems that will certainly meet your requirements.

Sophisticated solutions for glass showcases, glass panels and more

The interplay of glass and metal is particularly attractive and is often used in trade fair construction, in offices and modern living spaces. Our range of products includes a wide variety of glass plate supports, pillars and frames making this combination particularly attractive. For example, you can protect your presented trade fair articles with a compact sneeze guard or use glass showcases and glass shelves to provide an aesthetic presentation. The same applies to glass display cases from G-FITTINGS, while hanging fixture ideas can be realised using a robust wire rope.

Tray chutes and other counter accessories are the right equipment for the catering trade in addition to trade fairs and sales areas. Table feet and barriers are required in every commercial environment and are among our most popular articles alongside the sneeze guard and glass display cases. The same applies to our tailored wardrobes which leave the same beautiful impression at home as in your company or your branches. Simply contact us if you would like to combine made-to-measure wardrobes or other items to create a perfectly fitting furnishing system.

Assemble barriers, control systems and tailored articles

While glass shelves, glass display cases or table feet are often selected for custom rooms, you can also think wide with G-FITTINGS. With an individually tailored guidance system, you benefit from a comprehensive design of your rooms in order to help guests and customers in a well thought-out manner. Similar to glass floors and table feet for presentation or effective sneeze guard, guidance systems are preferred in exhibition stand construction or for an intelligent room concept in larger companies.

Intelligent planning in advance, quickly shows which display systems, guidance systems or made-to-measure cloakrooms you need to suit your business or your interior design. The wide selection of these articles in different categories makes it easy for you to put together barriers, guidance systems or products for presentation according to your needs. Here you will find detailed information about all glass showcases, glass shelves, tray slides and more. Besides the integration into a harmonious system, these also represent an attractive and functional purchase as custom articles.

High-quality solutions for interior design, shop design and the like

Our composition of high-quality interior systems is rounded off by attractive articles such as glass holders or bottle shelves. Create an additional area for the counter, which will be welcome in the office or in private areas. If you would like to know more about our interior ideas from sneeze guard to custom-made wardrobes, please use our personal consultation. Our experts will be happy to show you how you can assemble a beautiful interior or control system from numerous components. When well informed, you can quickly order all articles online in a pricewise fashion – use the established shopping cart function.

Buy interior systems online

If you would like to order interior systems such as glass shelves, sneeze guard posts, glass showcases or table feet online, please visit our online shop.

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