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Partition walls & canopies

Expert choice of partition walls and canopies

The days when partitions and canopy systems were exclusively functional are long gone. With profiles of glass partition wall, canopy with stainless steel or aluminium: Modern partition walls and canopies not only score with convincing functionality but also with long durability and an attractive appearance. We are a high-performance partner for all aspects of partition walls and canopy systems, from complete glass canopies to U-profiles. This page gives you an overview of the solutions we offer. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Different sizes and designs for every need

Partition walls are available in different sizes. Thus, the glass partition blends harmoniously into the conditions of your rooms. Different glass thicknesses are considered as well as your creative wishes: From anthracite (black) to silver matt anodised to chrome design, your creative requirements are fulfilled. In this way, the glass partition contributes to the unmistakable character of the rooms in your company or your public facility and emits a visually shiny business card. You will also find partition wall posts in the required number and design in our product range. If you have any questions about profiles and posts, we will be happy to advise you so that you can make a personal selection.

The glass canopy is also one of our main elements of focus. Cantilevered, it is a beautifully shaped solution in design and fulfils its function in connection with appealing aesthetics. Like the glass partition wall, you will find your glass canopy tailored to different glass thicknesses. Front doors and entrance areas for companies or facilities are significantly enhanced functionally and visually by canopy systems and impress with an inviting character.

Discover our assortment of accessories

Our range contains everything you need for installing a partition wall or canopy systems. From profiles and posts to glass clamps: All accessories are made of the same high quality as the glass canopy or partition wall and ensure reliable fastening. The glass clamps or the U-profile are available for different glass thicknesses, leading to a professional result after installation.

Focusing on material quality

The materials used in glass canopies, partition posts, glass clamps or U-profiles are of superior quality since the material determines functionality and durability. Especially for self-supported elements. Profiles and posts are designed as stable solutions. All elements in our shop convince by craftsmanship, making it a high requirement. Stainless steel and chrome are particularly common in our products. With a valid reason: These materials are not only stable, they also convince by their rust-free properties which give long durability to glass canopies or partition walls. In addition, the shimmer radiated by stainless steel and chrome is an optical eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word. We also use aluminium. Aluminium profiles are characterised above all by their light weight but also by their impressive stability.

Partition and Canopy Systems: A/O Compatibility

With glass partition walls and canopies, everything should fit together. Profiles and posts are just as important as the glass clamps for canopy systems. That is why we offer you partition wall and canopy systems from a single source. The glass canopy or the glass partition wall thus becomes a professional construction that will continue to amaze even years later.

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