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Posts, supports and clamps

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Posts, handrails and partitions make up an important part of any modern interior design. Especially in public buildings, they contribute to safety and become a valuable help for visitors and employees. The G-FITTINGS range includes a wide selection of posts, supports and clamps including individual items as well as sophisticated glass clamping systems. Use the right posts, supports and clamps to create an individual system that enhances corridors and staircases both functionally and aesthetically.

How handrails, footrests and the like act as functional furnishings

G-FITTINGS posts and supports are the ideal aids for walking and standing safely with guidance systems, partitions, handrails and footrests. They can be implemented as self-contained systems or as individual solutions on the floor or on the wall. This not only increases security, it also provides comfort in your buildings.

The addition of glass clamping systems ensures a closed surface between the individual posts without losing brightness or a transparent appearance. G-FITTINGS has special glass mounting adapters and other accessories available for you. Moreover, handrails, footrests, etc. are practical aids that can be mounted on the wall or floor using only a handful of screws.

Individual solutions with glass, brass, chrome and more

The combination of glass with stainless steel and other metals looks particularly noble and fits into any modern room architecture. Our glass clamping systems provide you with a wide variety of combinations which you can easily implement with the matching accessories from G-FITTINGS. Robust glass holders allow the glass panes to be securely fixed between the individual posts. Hinge adapters allow corners and curves to be moved effortlessly to suit the structural conditions in your rooms.

Even without glass, handrails and footrests ensure greater safety and offer practical help to your visitors. Posts, supports and clamps are made of metal and are easy to install. Designed either for square or round tubes and available in many design variants, all your aesthetic requirements can be readily met. The G-FITTINGS range also includes special articles such as sneeze guard posts. Our experts will be happy to show you which articles are explicitly suitable for your project and your purposes in a personalised and proficient discussion.

Interior design with G-FITTINGS

Whether you are looking for long-lasting posts, handrails or a foot rail support – we offer suitable articles for all your purposes. Our posts, supports and clamps are only one part of our wide range of products which goes from handles and partitions to complete furnishing systems for living and sanitary areas. Take an online look at the diverse selection of articles; if you are interested in custom products, you will receive further information upon request. Benefit from high quality at a reasonable price with G-FITTINGS and experience how easy it is to assemble functional and durable systems with posts, supports and clamps.

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