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Sanitary installations

All-glass showers, mirror heating or toilet cabins: Sanitary facilities for demanding customers

Bathrooms or toilets in private homes and sanitary facilities in companies or public institutions must meet a number of requirements at once. This includes functionality which goes hand in hand with economic and space savings. This involves load-bearing capacity and durability which depends on material quality and workmanship. And this in turn comprises a chic design that guarantees the well-being in sanitary areas. For all these requirements, we have the solutions that include all-glass showers as corner or niche versions as well as shower enclosures, mirror and toilet systems.

Focusing on material

There are materials which are ideally suited for sanitary applications and, for this very reason, we have included them in our range. Glass plays an important role here. The transparency and the shimmer bring a noble touch in sanitary areas and bathrooms and give small rooms a somewhat larger look. Glass showers, especially all-glass showers, constitute a perfect example. Mirror solutions can also make rooms appear larger. You will therefore also find products for mirror mountings in our range.

Chrome and stainless steel are two materials that are well appreciated in bathrooms and sanitary solutions. This is not only due to the shimmering highlights in the interior. It is also because of the absence of rust which combines hygiene and durability into a holistic solution for the highest demands. Stabiliser sets for shower enclosures and mirror hangers from G-FITTINGS are good examples.

Focusing on comfort and privacy

Privacy in the sanitary area is indispensable. Toilet partitions emphasise this. Comfort is also important. From mirror installation for individual mirror solutions and shower enclosures to high-performance seals or magnetic seals, this can be attained right to the smallest detail in the bathroom. Shower panels, for example, ensure that water and shampoo do not end up on the bathroom floor while offering practical storage options for the shower shelf or bath towel. All-glass showers have the special advantage of their timeless design which can bind perfectly with many furnishing styles, making them a valuable investment for the future.

Wise arrangement of space

Bathrooms and sanitary facilities often require well thought-out space management. You can achieve this thanks to our products tailored to your needs. The corner shower, for example, is a space-saving solution that has proven its worth on several occasions. Shower enclosures make it possible to simultaneously use a bathtub as a shower. The toilet cabin can also save space without compromising user comfort.

The detail is important

Shower enclosures with functional seals and magnetic seals. Toilet systems with profiles made of stainless steel. Or mirror heating with the appropriate material for mirror mounting. We provide the whole from a single source, helping you to rely on compatibility and perfect function as a result. We will be happy to advise you on which parts can be combined particularly well.

Noble and timeless: Shower walls made of glass and all-glass showers

All-glass showers are particularly popular. Why? Because bathrooms have become oases of well-being and sanitary facilities focus on the well-being of employees, guests and visitors. We are therefore your efficient partner for all-glass showers and shower walls made of glass. We not only have the function in mind. We also have a lot of inspiring solutions for you, such as all-glass showers or shower walls made of glass with chrome and stainless steel which ideally combine harmony and design competence.

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