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Tubes, Rods & Profiles

Tubes, Rods & Profiles

Tubes and rods are among the most important connecting elements in the entire industrial environment. They are in demand as components of machines and systems as well as independent designs for the construction of partitions, control systems and much more. Profiles and posts also assume supporting functions and act as supports for platforms and installations of all kinds. G-FITTINGS offers a wide range of hard-wearing metal tubes and profiles which can be ordered as aluminium U-profiles, metal rods, round or square tubes in brass, chrome, stainless steel or anthracite design.

Tubes, rods and more to order

Available in various diameters, G-FITTINGS metal tubes and rods are cut precisely to meet your specifications and adapt to your particular application. With the choice of chrome, brass, stainless steel or anthracite design, you can adapt the appearance of the tubes, rods and profiles exactly to your ideas while combining function and load-bearing capacity. G-FITTINGS will be pleased to advise you personally with expert knowledge on which metal tubes and rods are suitable for your currently planned projects in the industrial and private sector.

Profiles and posts manufactured according to your special needs

Aluminium profiles are often used to finish various constructions made of glass and other materials. Edges and corners can be effectively protected by aluminium U-profiles or other profile formats which increases the durability and quality of the products. Same with tubes and rods, G-FITTINGS also ensures an exact cut tailored to your profile specifications.

G-FITTINGS offers a wide range of standard profiles and posts. Varied in width, height and diameter, making them suitable for all common applications; the length of metal-made articles can be adapted to suit customer requirements in all shapes and forms.

Bending tubes – a custom-shaped solution at a reasonable price

Classic formats of tubes, rods or profiles are not always sufficient to meet your requirements. Special formats can be produced at an attractive price, using state-of-the-art G-FITTINGS equipment. From semicircle, quarter circle to ring or S formed, we can offer you a wide selection of curved shapes which we implement exactly according to your specifications within the framework of the technically smallest possible bending radii. Simply use the personal inquiry of G-FITTINGS to receive an individual, free offer for 2D or 3D bending.

Buy tubes, rods and profiles online

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