Always perfectly curved tubes, bars and profiles

Are you looking for tube bending in 2D or 3D? Then take advantage of G-FITTINGS’ custom tube bending service and leave the bending to us! Just tell us the sizes and bending radii, and we’ll provide the pre-fabricated solution for your project. You’ll save time, avoid the need for expensive machinery, and get your bent tubes with absolutely no risk.

For a perfect result, all you need to do is supply your details

All bending work will be executed with the upmost care, based on the information you provide. Please use the online request form to clearly inform us of your specifications, as we do not measure on-site.

Bending is just one of our prefix offerings. We also support our customers by providing cutting, milling and drilling and tapping to individual specifications. In addition, we can pre-assemble posts and handrails, or combinations of G-FITTINGS products.