Calculate glass weight

Calculate the weight of glass

The fittings for your new glass door are ordered. Now ask yourself how easy or how good the panels are to handle during assembly? Of course, the weight of the glass panels plays a decisive role. Calculate the weight of the glass panels easily online. You can calculate the glass weight of single-panel safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG) with our weight calculator.

Calculate glass weight for canopy

The G-FITTINGS weight calculator calculates the weight of glass for your new glass canopy, your glass partition or your new glass sliding door. The weight of glass plays an important role in the selection of suitable fittings, moreover, the weight calculator offers a service for architects, planners, builders and structural engineers.

Formula for calculating the glass weight

To calculate the glass weight (G), the glass calculator calculates the volume and then multiplies it by the specific glass weight of 2.5 kg / dm³.

G = m² · glass thickness (mm) · 2,5 kg

The glass area per glass panel is 0 m2
The glass area of all glass panels is 0 m2
The glass weight is 0 kg