Door handels 625-45: Door handels with an impressive appearance

Model 625-45 is a visually advanced version of the 625-90 door handle. Here, the door handle was designed to be at a 45-degree angle in relation to the bracket. The result: a striking look and even more individuality in door design.

The 625-45 Door handels are available in stainless steel or chrome. Regardless of what you opt for, with G-FITTINGS Door handels, you create stylish eye-catchers that combine functionality and aesthetics. The end caps and end balls are identical to model series 625-90:

  • End caps flat
  • End caps half-round
  • End caps curved
  • End balls

Free choice in the dimensions of your Door handels

We offer our Door handels in various dimensions and thickness, so that you can always get the desired look. Just tell us the required dimensions. Plus, you can choose between one-sided and two-sided Door handels.

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