Return conditions

The goods can be returned to G-FITTINGS GmbH within fourteen (14) days after the delivery date for crediting or exchange.

G-FITTINGS will only accept returns if they are in a good, saleable condition and in original packaging. It is exclusively at the discretion of G-FITTINGS GmbH to determine whether goods are solid and can be resold. All goods which G-FITTINGS believes cannot be resold will only be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s express request and at the buyer’s expense. The latter is notwithstanding the discretion of G-FITTINGS to decide whether the goods are solid and resalable. Goods shall be deemed unsuitable for sale if they are returned in a packaging other than their original packaging or if the quantity of goods returned differs from the quantities originally delivered.

G-FITTINGS GmbH reserves the right to charge 15% of the sales price of the returned goods for use and restocking.

Goods ordered specifically for the buyer or pre-assembled products (VMP) cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

Send your return to:

Return Department
Marie-Curie-Straße 16-18
D-46446 Emmerich am Rhein

The return is at your own risk and your own account.